Pump it UP! Tips for Exercising while Pregnant

Don’t let pregnancy stop you from staying fit! Exercise will help you feel better and more energetic, and it will also help maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy (most women should gain around 30 pounds while pregnant). Furthermore, it will increase your stamina to make for an easier labor and can help prevent pregnancy-induced diabetes. Make sure you check with your doctor before beginning an exercising regimen to make sure that exercising is safe for you at your stage in your pregnancy.

Of course, it’s hard enough to motivate yourself to exercise when you don’t already have swollen feet and an additional 20 pounds to carry around. Here are some tips for exercising that will help you stay cool and safe while still getting a great workout.

What exercises are good to do while pregnant?

Swimming and Stationary Cycling are great exercises because they do not require your body to support the extra weight from your baby. Swimming and water aerobics are especially beneficial because the water pressure will provide added support your body.
Walking and low-impact aerobics are also good ways to exercise

Exercises your should AVOID while pregnant

Contact sports and activities that could result in a fall, because these could injure you or your baby
Exercises that require you to lie on your back, as the baby’s weight may affect your blood circulation.

Other Helpful Tips When Exercising

  • Exercise in the morning or late evening if possible to avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day
  • If you are exercising indoors, make sure the room is well-ventilated
  • Hydrate!
  • Be careful when stretching. Being pregnant makes your ligaments looser, so it is easier to injure yourself if you stretch too much
  • Wear shoes that fit well, especially because your already swollen feet will tend to swell more with the warmer temperatures
  • Monitor your heart rate and watch for shortness of breath, signs of dehydration, and fatigue
  • For added comfort, double up on sports bras to provide extra support
  • Carry a mini-fan with you to keep cool
  • For more information on how to start a healthy fitness routine during your pregnancy, check out the following websites: