Self Pay Policies & $4 Prescriptions

$4.00 Prescriptions!

For those who are paying an arm and a leg for brand name prescriptions, help is on the way! Following in the footsteps of Walmart, both Giant Eagle Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy are now offering reduced prices on generic versions of selected brand-name prescriptions for people who enroll in either pharmacy’s rewards program.

Giant Eagle offers over 400 generic prescriptions for $4.00 for a 30 day supply. Or, with a physician’s prescription, you can switch to a 90 day supply for a price of $10.00 per refill. CVS offers a price of $9.99 for a 90 day supply of over 400 different prescriptions. The prescriptions are medications for a wide variety of treatments, including antibiotics, antifungal, arthritis, heart health, thyroid conditions, vitamins, women’s health, and more. To sign up for Giant Eagle’s rewards program, just fill out an enrollment form and bring it, your prescription, and your Giant Eagle Advantage Card to your local pharmacy. To enroll in CVS’s savings program, you can either visit your neighborhood CVS, apply online, or call 1-888-616-CARE (2273).

For more information, visit, or contact your local pharmacist. Listed below are helpful links to enroll in Giant Eagle or CVS’s reduced price prescription programs:

Self-Pay Patient Policies

Many of our patients have been losing their health insurance, and in response to this problem, our charges for self-pay patients are as follows:

Type of Visit Charge for Existing Patients Charge for New Patients
Annual $100 $110
Long Problem $95 $95
Short Problem $70 $70
Pap Smear (Slide Form) $20 $20
Pap Smear (Sure Path) $30 $30
Patients should pay at the time of the visit, but arrangements can be made to pay over 3 months. Patients must pay in full at registration.

*These prices do not reflect our billing policies with insurance companies.