Gyne-Girl Guide

Introducing South Hills OBGYN’S GyneGirlGuide

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that girls start seeing a gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15, and at least once each year thereafter. However, scheduling an annual gynecology appointment is sometimes one of the most daunting tasks in a woman’s year. This appointment is even scarier if it is a girl’s first visit to a gynecologist, especially if she does not know what to expect. First-time patients often are still going through puberty and are dealing with many changes. Most young women are concerned about what is normal vs. what is not. For this reason, we have developed the GyneGirlGuide. It addresses topics relating to specific questions young adults may have, from body changes and menstruation to the HPV vaccine to social interactions. If you are interested in obtaining more information or if you have any questions about our GyneGirlGuide, which we will soon be incorporating in office visits for patients age 23 and younger, please feel free to call our office at (412) 572-6174.

Topics Included in the GyneGirlGuide:

  1. Common Gynecological Problems
  2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  3. HPV and the HPV Vaccine
  4. Birth Control
  5. Hormone Therapy
  6. Nutrition
  7. Menstruation
  8. Body Changes
  9. What Happens at Your First Gynecology Visit
  10. Taking Responsibility for Your Appearance
  11. Teen Year Challenges that Affect Your Health
  12. Social Interaction
  13. Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol
  14. Talking to Your Parents
  15. When to Talk to Someone
  16. Myths about Pregnancy
  17. Stressed Out