Yearly Visits Info

Yearly Visits Information

At a typical annual visit, we focus on your general gynecological health as well as preventative wellness issues and your specific concerns. When you enter our office, you will first sign-in at our front desk.  At that time, you may be asked a few questions to update our computer records and your.  Nurses will call you back into the lab and you will be asked to collect a urine specimen. They will the check your weight, height, and blood pressure.  Depending on your age and medical history, simple blood work may be done to check your thyroid, blood count, and cholesterol.   The nurse will also ask you questions regarding any medicine that you are taking, significant changes to your health or lifestyle since your last visit, and questions or problems you may have.

When the nurse is done with her interview, she will move you into an exam room and prep you for the physician.  The physician will ask you about any concerns or questions that you may have and any medication concerns.  Following this, he will conduct a breast exam, internal exam, and pap smear.   At the time of your visit, he may prescribe medications, an annual mammogram or DXA scan.

After finishing with the physician, our office staff can help you schedule a DXA scan, provide you with information regarding mammography sites, schedule follow-up appointments or procedures, or assist you with filling out a reminder card for your next annual.

Results from any test done during an annual exam will either be given to you during your appointment or will be communicated to you in the days following your appointment.   For example, if your pap smear is normal, you will receive a card in the mail stating that result.  If the pap smear comes back from the lab as abnormal, you will get a call from one of our nurses or physicians.

Both the physicians and staff recognize the importance of preventive care and education so that our patients can lead a healthy lifestyle.  We hope that your annual visit can provide you with a complete understanding of South Hills OBGYN Associates comprehensive health care.